5-Minute Read: A Comprehensive Guide to Email Drip Campaigns

5-Minute Read: A Comprehensive Guide to Email Drip Campaigns

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The dripping droplets from a leaky faucet may sound like a no-win situation, but a drip marketing campaign can surely help you double your business revenue, generate thousands of conversions, and sell more products in a short span of time. But some of the readers who don’t have an idea about email drip campaign might be wondering what it is and how it works. So before learning about how to create an effective email drip and its benefits, let’s cover the basics first.

What are Email Drip Campaigns?

Drip marketing, or also known as an email drip campaign, is one of the cornerstones of digital marketing services that impacts a business’s entire life cycle marketing process. These campaigns refer to sending a series of automated, pre-written marketing emails encompassing promotional, educational, advertising, or any other type of content to sales leads based on their behavior, at specified time intervals.

Instead of marketing point-blank, brands have started incorporating drip campaigns into their email marketing strategy to drive their email subscribers through the sales funnel and increase new customer acquisition.

These drips act as a significant bridge between a business and its subscriber, thereby helping them move toward a final conversion point. Not to mention, these emails are an excellent approach to communicate and build a strong relationship with users. Especially when over 333.2 billion emails will be delivered and received every day by 2022.

What are the Benefits of Email Drips?

It’s no secret that emails are one of the oldest, game-changing strategies of digital marketing that still yield beneficial outcomes, whether the results are regarding sales, customer relationships, revenue, or any other business operation. These highly personalized, targeted drip campaigns are automated sales prospecting used to build a mail list, increase CTR (click-through rate), as well as increase user engagement simultaneously. Aside from offering these rewards, there’s a specific reason drip marketing is so popular, and that’s timing. While you struggle between assessing the perfect and inconvenient time to send a message to your potential prospects, your competitors win your would-be customers from you. Not a pleasing scenario, right?

Drip marketing campaigns allow marketers to send timely, triggered messages to their prospects automatically in a specific tempo, not too late or too early. Lead nurturing programs, on average, are accountable to net 20 percent more sales opportunities than a traditional marketing technique, according to DemandGen. Here’s a curated list of some significant benefits a business can reap by using drip marketing campaigns:

I. Achieve Higher Engagement: According to Epsilon, a research agency, the click rates and open rates for triggered emails were 141.6 percent and 61.7 percent higher, respectively, compared to business as usual (BAU) emails.

II. Improve Automated Funnel Expansion: Besides being productive, drip emails drive the leads towards sales funnel smoothly without any manual intervention.

III. Nurture Subscribers: These campaigns convey the relevant information, at the right time, to the targeted leads with a view to educating them about products or services, leading the potential prospects through the sales process successfully, and establishing long-term relationships with them.

IV. Build Brand Authority: By keeping your company in the forefront of your prospects’ mind with a set of emails aligning with your brand identity, you can cultivate high-quality conversions, increase brand recall value, drive lead engagement, as well as improve the odds of closing sales after trails.

V. Re-engage Inactive Prospects: Instead of giving up on those leads that subscribed you but didn’t get closed in a segment, retain them into a different list and warm them up through the purchase cycle to get them sales-ready.

VI. Upsell/Cross-sell: The scope of drip marketing extends far beyond the capabilities of prompting shoppers to complete their purchase or just converting leads to loyal, regular buyers. By combining various well-structured, contextual email drips with lead nurturing tactics, businesses can generate a higher number of customers as well as effectively upsell, cross-sell, and close deals on qualified leads.

How to Set up Interactive, Action-Oriented Drip campaign emails?

For setting up and executing an invincible drip email campaign, companies need to gather data on prospecting, determine user behavior, and create content aimed at your buyers’ needs. Below we have outlined some tips to design a winning automated email sequence:

a) Come up with compelling headlines as well as email subject lines to gain your leads’ attention.

b) Write and test email templates as well as corresponding call scripts.

c) Segment your readers based on particular criteria, such as location and industry, or the actions they took.

d) Create your messages in one session for better consistency.

e) Use short paragraphs and bullet points in your messages.

f) Watch out for discrepancies, logical fallacies, grammar mistakes, or anything else that might annoy or unsettle your subscribers.

g) Outline the goals of your campaigns and evaluate success metrics.

h) Use multiple channels like Facebook ads, SMS text messages, newsletters, etc., to connect with both prospects and customers.

i) Include videos or animated GIFs to boost conversions and engagement on social media or landing pages.

j) Personalize your messages with relevant content and context.

k) Create a sense of urgency in your emails to provoke prospects to respond or take some action by setting deadlines.

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