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Being prepared for anything is one of the key foundations to having a successful business. There are many things to be prepared for in today’s business society, some of the most important ones are being prepared for drastic growth, for a disaster to strike, and an infiltration of your environment. With SmartDesk™, we can help you to be prepared for any one of these things and many others.
Very often businesses are not ready for an exponential growth or decline in customers, user, sales, etc. Which can lead to service downtime, lower quality of service in the case of growth and vast over budgeting and over-employment in the case of decline. In either case, you & your company are losing capital that can be used on development. With SmartDesk™, we move you away from the expensive CapEx physical infrastructure to a flexible OpEx managed virtual infrastructure, that will scale to your needs.
Some businesses are not prepared for disaster to happen, whether a natural disaster or infrastructure disaster, and have no Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan or have archaic and slow DR plan. Customers and clients today expect a 100% service and up-time, with SmartDesk’s 99.99% up-time and 24/7 service we can ensure you can give your customers the service they deserve and want. With all data backed up off site we can get you back to fully operational within the day instead of the projected week or weeks of many legacy DR plans.
One of the biggest concerns of the cloud is the safety of the data in the cloud from outside people and programs. What most people don’t know is that with the cloud it is capable to have an even more secure infrastructure and work space. With the micro-segmentation of the SmartDesk™ cloud, if any infiltration/threat is detected on a virtual desktop, that desktop is isolated and the threat removed and that worker will be back to work within 15 minutes. SmartDesk™ protects your data and ensures a better business continuity for your workers.


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