Which Cloud Type is Best for Your Business?

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When deciding how you are going to transition into the cloud, one of the most important questions is which type of cloud your business needs. There are three cloud types: a public cloud, a private cloud, and a hybrid cloud.

Public Cloud

A public cloud is a cloud hosted by a service provider in their datacenter and is accessed over the internet. Companies choose this type because of its capability to grow and expand at a moment’s notice, which is very handy for applications that see a wide variety of usage patterns. With the public cloud you only pay for what you use and have the ability to manage the public cloud themselves or to have it managed by the cloud provider.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is hosted by a business on-site. This type of cloud is for the businesses who are more concerned about the security of their data and applications, due to the fact that the private cloud provides the highest security available in a cloud environment. With a private cloud, you receive and pay for all the resources of that cloud. While the growth of a private cloud is not as flexible as a public cloud, it is still drastically more cost-effective than legacy systems. If the resources that you use month-to-month are relatively stable in regards to usage rate, or the resources are latency dependent, such as needing to edit, send, and receive large media files, then private cloud is the best choice for your company.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud, like its name suggests, is a mixture of public and private cloud. It can be hosted all on-site, or both on-site and by a service provider. While this type of cloud is slightly more complicated due to connection reasons, it provides businesses with the best of both clouds. With a hybrid cloud, you can have the low to zero latency of a private cloud while still having the flexibility of a public cloud. When your application sees an unexpected or expected peak in usage, you can quickly expand into the public portion of the cloud, thus keeping both your data and your customers’ data safe in the private portion of the cloud. The Hybrid cloud is perfect for companies who need the security of a private cloud, but need the scalability and reliability of a public cloud.

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