The Complete Picture: Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

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Your business works diligently to pass great value onto its customers through news and information resources, social media, public relations, and so much more. However, if your organization is like most of the others out there, then it most likely delivers value with the help of email campaigns and website content.

While a large amount of businesses are moving towards the power and convenience of Mobile Technology, only about 5% of organizations right now are offering their customers a mobile app.

Mobile technology has grown quickly and almost everyone either uses a smartphone or a tablet to access their information. Nothing can connect customers to your business in a more personal or convenient way than a well-designed mobile application.

If your business is not offering your customers a dedicated mobile app, here are the top reasons why you should:

1. Provide Quick & Easy Access with Mobile Apps

A mobile app gives users fast and easy access to information, news, documents, and other business information anytime and anywhere. An app not only increases your business’ availability to customers, but also streamlines that access, making all the information and resources instantaneously available without burdensome downloads or web navigation.

Even when we are at home, we frequently use our smartphones in order to stay connected to the people and businesses that matter most. It’s has become very popular to access information through the use and convenience of a smartphone or tablet as opposed to siting at a desk and using a computer.

With the help of a mobile app, you can make it convenient for your customers to access your business’s information anytime and anywhere, including while taking a lunch break, traveling on public transportation, or any other time when a desktop can’t be accessed.

This kind of mobility brings with it easier access and improved user satisfaction.

2. Use Push Notifications for User Engagement

Often times, users want to be kept informed by the businesses and organizations they are interested in since they want to know the latest news, events, and other relevant information. Mobile apps tend to accomplish this with the help of push notifications.

Through tried and tested mobile app development techniques, mobile apps can have custom tailored notification settings set to a user’s preference, then automatically send the user that relevant data when it is available. The push notification feature allows the app to actively, but smoothly engage customers directly, keeping them interested in your business.

3. Conduct Membership Surveys Easily and Effectively

Mobile apps are known as exceptional tools for conducting membership surveys. You can easily release the surveys in the mobile app in order to capture your users’ inputs regarding specific topics of discussions that can benefit your business. Since these surveys are sent to the users quickly and are easy and convenient to complete, your users will be much more likely to participate in them.

4. Have greater user insight

Websites can seize only limited amount of information about user behavior, whereas mobile apps can easily grasp analytics such as time spent on the app by user, functions and favorite topics, unproductive content, and much more. This collected data can then be used in future strategic decisions about business services, content, and marketing.

5. Create a Social Network for Users

Mobile apps can offer safe, convenient access to all the users of your app. For many businesses, this priceless resource alone is worth the cost of an app. Apart from enabling your users to effortlessly be in contact with each other via messaging, a built-in social network will provide your business with powerful sponsorships, promotions, and advertising opportunities.

6. Offer Display Ads for Sponsors

While it is true that many people and businesses prefer an ad-free mobile app, sometimes thats easier said than done. If your organization needs to monetize a mobile app in order to afford it, then sponsored ads can be a great solution. Your mobile app can include a separate screen for displaying the sponsors, or have ads that can be easily placed in the middle of content.

In addition, ads can be designed to grab the users’ attention without interfering with the content flow. With a little effort on the creative side, you can even sell advertising sponsorships for particular sections or specific content within your mobile app.


Mobile apps have to offer a world of possibilities for all types of businesses that are looking to provide value to their users. The best part of today’s mobile app development is its ability to be built in phases which significantly helps control the costs. Also, as your resources allow, you can update your business mobile app and add new functions and capabilities to it.

As each of these new updates are announced, your mobile app will be signaling to the users that the business which they are a part of is moving forward and increasing its value dynamically.

If you want your business to stand out from the competition while providing invaluable benefits to your users, then you should consult with and create a mobile app with the help of a professional mobile app development service provider.

If you need help sorting out what a mobile app can do for your business, contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your mobile app strategy.

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