More than half of U.S. businesses now use cloud computing.

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More than half of U.S. businesses now use cloud computing. 78% of U.S. small businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing by 2020  more than doubling the current 37% as of today. The U.S. Small & Medium Business (SMB) cloud computing & services market will grow from $43B in 2015 to $55B in 2016. Hybrid cloud is now being used by 18% of cloud-using small businesses (1 to 99 employees).

For an increasing number of SMBs globally, their cloud application and service providers are their IT department. Cloud-based systems are particularly valuable to small and mid-tier manufacturers in North America who have small IT departments that are already overworked keeping key systems running. For these SMBs, cloud-based continuous delivery of new enhancements along with subscription-based pricing makes budgeting for services predictable and manageable.

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