Here are Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your App Updated

Here are Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your App Updated

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Mobile apps require maintenance in the form of updates to keep them useful and relevant. You invested the money and time in building and launching your mobile application, and now you have to begin evaluating how it’s doing. Today, there are numerous well-known and successful mobile applications that frequently update their apps on a weekly basis. Whereas, some other apps are updated as much.

From the app owner’s point of view, you better stick with a minimum of 2–4 updates per month. Major application updates may incorporate a new visual outline, a new approach for attracting more clients, or a bunch of handy features, images, or videos. There are various ways to determine if your application is due for a note-worthy update. It is critical for you to understand how and when to update your app. In this blog, we will have a look at the six signs which tell you that your mobile application needs an update:

Exclusive App Features: Including state-of-the-art features into your apps make them more personal, aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive. When you decide to add significant new features to the existing ones, it impacts the overall user-experience of your app.

New App Design: App design is a constantly evolving field that plays a vital role in the mobile app development process. You may utilize the idea of releasing a fresh and unique design that tackles problems with significant features, innovative technology, or navigation. If you think the design of your application is lagging behind, whether it is the visual layout, navigation, or customer experience, an update can be easily used to overcome this hurdle.

Under performing App Metrics: In order to survive the digital competition, it’s important to understand, analyze, and track the key metrics of your mobile app. You can also use frequent updates to keep your app’s features and content fresh, thus giving users even more of an incentive to return to your app. Consistent application updates can help you to stay competitive as each new update is a chance to re-engage existing users and pull in new clients.

Consistent App User Feedback: How are you gathering and supporting user feedback in your application?

Feedback is at the heart of business development. Especially the negative one. Beyond any doubt, it stings a little bit at first; however, there are always golden nuggets buried in a negative review. Audience demand and feedback are one of the foremost reasons to release the updates for apps. Prepare 2-3 updates for applications in advance and prospect audience demand. The frequency of patches could also be based on users’ feedback and app performance statistics.

App Codebase is Aging: Do you know your app can malfunction when its codebase is outdated? Not only the performance of your app can take a hit but it also drains revenue and exposes your app to security breaches. With technology changing ever so quickly, an old codebase can be a major driver for updating your app. Just make sure that you update the codebase with utmost devotion, responsibility, and precision.

Expand the App to Other Devices or Platforms: You have an incredible idea, hired designers and developers, and developed your mobile app. However, you are only halfway through. The next step is to market your mobile app correctly by building your app’s online presence and expanding your application to other devices or platforms such as tablets, desktops, or laptops. Otherwise, it stands at the risk of getting lost among the numerous amounts of applications available for your potential users. An update is usually necessary when your application goes cross-wise over gadgets on similar platforms or when it moves to a new platform. This could incorporate making a tablet-specific version or adding compatibility for Android in addition to iOS or vice versa.

An update opens the window of opportunity for your app to shine. You can also go for customization if you want to upgrade any part of your application or deliver a rich user experience, but make sure that you consult a team of veteran app developers, with an extensive expertise in all forays of app development.

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