Top Five Benefits of Using Cloud Computing Services for Your Business

Top Five Benefits of Using Cloud Computing Services for Your Business

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Cloud computing services have gained a lot of steam among businesses. Enterprises from emerging markets have adopted cloud computing technologies and started to reinvent themselves with its support. Since this technology is much faster to deploy, most multinational corporations shave started migrating from on-premise and legacy systems to a cloud platform that stores their valuable information, launches their applications, and automates processes to maintain costs. In addition, there are numerous advantages of cloud computing such as reduction in cost, increased uptime & reliability, more flexibility, increased efficiency and business agility. In this blog post, we give a brief explanation of the benefits of migrating to the cloud platform.

1. Increased Business Agility

The real power of the cloud is zero upfront investment, which allows you to start projects faster and also complete them without losing your money. The whole process of building an app and launching it to the market takes a significant amount of time as marketers need to provision the IT resources for the app. In this case, cloud services for business is a great solution.

Check out the following points to understand how it helps businesses to increase its agility.

  • Using this innovative technology, you can generate effective IT resources with minimal cost. This helps reduce your time and effort and also introduce your product to the market earlier.
  • With this, you can eradicate administrative overhead and legally authorized access from any device and any geographic location.
  • You get a considerable benefit of data redundancy, which helps keep your data safe and attainable in case you face network/email server downtime or power failure.

2. High Uptime

There is no denying the fact that your website is like a door for people to reach and contact you. Make sure to keep the higher uptime percentage so that your servers stay secure and run smoothly. The ratio of 99.99% is considered maximum. Many providers maintain the uptime in range of 99.8% to 99.9% and have service-level agreements that offer you with credits. By doing so, they allow you to switch your application to another available server in case your current hosted server fails.

3. Reduced Costs

Another great benefit of using this platform is that the costs and expenses are more predictable and stable. Some businesses still debate on using operational expense (OpEx) model over traditional capital expense (CapEx) model. If you are thinking of switching from CapEx to OpEx model, then don’t worry.

Here are some top reasons which prove that switching from CapEx to OpEx is a smart decision.

  • According to research, OpEx model is more reliable and flexible for your business;
  • Zero upfront cost, hence no financial commitment;
  • High Server security and uptime;
  • Ongoing operating expenses are low.

4. Flexibility & Reliability

Cloud computing doesn’t involve any upfront cost as it is typically based on the term pay-as-you-go, which is why its services can be customized as per the requirements and needs of clients to meet their business demands. This technology and its services are available and accessible round-the-clock, which makes it more reliable than the traditional approach. The cloud services providers have professional & experienced technicians who offer network, server, infrastructure, and business application services to clients.

5. Integrated Security Structure

Do you think securing & monitoring your servers and systems 24*7*365 is enough, especially when you operate a multinational business? Maybe you have the best in class IT experts by your side, but cyber criminals have potential threats on their sides too. We all know that viruses, malware, and online threats do not respect any borders, neither does technology nor innovation. With small and unique changes, cloud computing offers intelligent securities and services to combat the never-seen-before threats & breaches every time. It uses authentication, encryption, and other tracking technologies to reduce the risks.

Bottom Line

It’s amazing to see how cloud computing technology has transformed the way of doing business, let it be of any range and type. Whether companies utilize PaaS, SaaS, or IaaS for their business, they receive a myriad of cloud advantages, including improved efficiency, increased agility, reduced operational costs, and more.

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