WannaCry Ransomware Update

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Earlier this week, we sent out a security alert to all of our Cloud & IT Services customers. PCs around the world, including those belonging to hospitals and government agencies, were hit by the WannaCry (AKA WanaCrypt0r, or WCry) ransomware, causing chaos. Up until now we have seen more than 250,000 detections in 116 countries. As the situation settles, we can conclude that this was the worst ransomware outbreak in history.

WannaCry, like most other ransomware strains, didn’t target anyone specifically. The ransomware used an exploit known as ETERNALBLUE, which takes advantage of a Windows SMB (Server Message Block, a network file sharing protocol) vulnerability labeled as MS17-010. WannaCry thus blindly and randomly targeted anyone that didn’t install the patch for the vulnerability, which Microsoft released in March.

All SmartDesk Desktops are regularly updated, so they are at a much lower risk for infection than most physical computers. In addition, all SmartDesk desktops are secured by Avast Antivirus, which was one of the first Antivirus solutions to detect the infection.

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To ensure that your computer is protected against this infection, please make sure that your computer is fully up to date through Windows Update.

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