AppTech Corp. is a FinTech company based in Carlsbad, California. AppTech has a foundation in electronic processing technologies and merchant services, and is expanding its core merchant processing services. AppTech continues to provide digital marketing, software development, mobile app development, website development, website hosting, IT support, robust cloud computing & comprehensive payment processing for brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, and ACH.
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Secure Mobile Payments

Secure payments
that can be sent or received from any
SMS-enabled mobile device.

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AppTech will soon offer secure mobile payments using simple text messaging protocol. No internet connection or data plan are necessary. Based on industry standards for payment protocols, we will offer standalone products or a fully integrated solution that authenticates the user, processes the payment, and deliver the products or services requested. Our standalone products are fully compatible and compliant with the payment processing industry.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Based upon government encryption techniques for P2P authentication, AppTech has developed a patent pending MFA protocol using simple SMS texting and user selected key words. This secure and text-only protocol will be readily available for payment processing, healthcare records, ticketing, access to entry, etc.

Merchant Software

Our Merchant Software will accept and process payments, interact with our eCash banks to perform validation and authentication, sell items, and generate receipts.

Client Wallet

In advance of using our secure mobile payment system, our clients will have to register for an on-line digital wallet. Once registered, clients will use their assigned eCoins in their wallet to purchase products or services from any supported merchant, withdraw eCoins from the eCash bank, store and manage eCoins, and track all transactions.

eCash Bank

Management and maintenance accounts of clients and merchants.

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