AppTech Corp. is a FinTech company based in Carlsbad, California. AppTech has a foundation in electronic processing technologies and merchant services, and is expanding its core merchant processing services. AppTech continues to provide digital marketing, software development, mobile app development, website development, website hosting, IT support, robust cloud computing & comprehensive payment processing for brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, and ACH.
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Professional Web Design Services
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In today’s market, your business needs a stunning and responsive website in order to stay competitive. Many experts agree that your business’s website is the most important advertising and awareness tool. Our websites we build are built with every device in mind – from the smaller mobile phone displays to the larger desktop monitors. With our vast experience with multiple programming languages, we can make any site happen!

Languages We Are Fluent In


.Net Framework is known as one of the most recognized platforms to develop fully functional websites. It provides great user experiences & interactions while also delivering the best-in- class performance. It uses a well-balanced programming model and enables direct support for security.


PHP is a powerful server scripting language used for making dynamic and interactive web pages quickly and efficiently. It is very user-friendly and compatible with today’s leading operating systems and web services, making deployment easy and simple.


Java, an object oriented programming language, is designed as a unique way to handle software complexity. Applications written in Java are developed for distinct kinds of domains, including Insurance, Banking, E-commerce, Medical, etc. It is a multi-platform support language for web-services.


Upon the completion of your website development, there is often a need to establish a content management system. CMS offers you amazing flexibility and freedom with regards to keeping your new websites content up-to-date. We are experts at CMS and will guide you through the process of uploading, deleting, adding, and altering content pieces on your website.


Python is a modern and interpreted (bytecode-compiled) language. It helps make the code flexible and short, which ultimately reduces the compile-time of the source code. Python is very fast, powerful, and runs well everywhere, making it the fastest growing programming language.


Our UX/UI designers and developers keep the feel of the product alive when designing. Having a user-friendly interface is very important, and we will make sure that people will be able to navigate your new site with ease. The designers and developers utilize several approaches to solve a specific user problems.

Experienced Design

Newest Technology

With year of experience under our belt, we have the tools and technical knowledge you need in order to create a very powerful and responsive site.

Creative Solutions

Our approach combines cutting-edge, proven, and powerful techniques that allow our clients an immediate edge over
their competitors.

Quality Analysis

We analyze a client project thoroughly and generate a fully-comprehensive report based on the website data – incorporating both its strengths & weaknesses.

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